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Brookshire Court

Welcome To Brookshire Court in Reston, Virginia.


Brookshire Cluster is one of the first Clusters to be built in original Reston in 1964-5. It was originally named Lakeview Mall Cluster with a clear view to the brand new man-made lake, Lake Anne. With the introduction of the Condominiums across the street, the cluster was renamed Brookshire Cluster in the 70's.


Brookshire boasts one of the original housing developments with a large green space to house ratio (5 acres to 26 homes) and is surrounded by lush green foliage, magnificent old oak trees, interconnecting paths and recreational areas. It borders tennis courts, a volleyball court and picnic area on one side and Lake Anne on the other. Originally Moorings drive which connects Brookshire to North Shore Drive was supposed to have been a major road but plans changed and Moorings never completed the connection between North Shore Drive and Wiehle Avenue North.

As an all electric association, Brookshire was also one of the first clusters to add:

  • Underground wiring for all utilities (stable through the worst storms)
  • Fios fiber for broadband and cable options
  • Natural Wildlife Habitat Status
  • Bi-annual cluster cleanups where all members help maintain the landscape and beauty of the neighborhood.
  • Gas pipeline as an add-on to Electric heat

As you drive into the cluster, the first impression you’ll have is of open space, lovely homes encircled by magnificent old oak trees and sky.  As a cul-de-sac, it makes for a warm and cozy community with plenty children running around and frequent sounds of laughter.

Brookshire enjoys the four seasons in all their splendour.

For Google View, click here .

Near to excellent schools, outdoor sports areas, a network of walkways and bike-paths, Reston Town Center, Lake Anne Plaza, Lake Anne and a myriad of shops – Brookshire Cluster is the epitome of a qualify-of-life planned community.