Brookshire Cluster Guidelines

Brookshire Cluster was built in 1965-66 as one of the first Reston housing Clusters. The cluster was designed as a throwback to colonial villages where the art of living was the primary focus. Everything was close to home, one could walk to shops, dining, entertainment, sports, etc. No phone or electric poles or lights blighted the sky view. Sidewalks wove throughout the neighborhood and connected it to all nearby features. To this day, Brookshire maintains the same look and appeal of being ‘home’. These guidelines were put in place to protect that look and feel of our neighborhood home for everyone’s enjoyment.

*NEW* Brookshire Guidelines: Reston Association published an updated set of guidelines/requirements for Brookshire. Note the last few pages are ‘recommendations’ vs. strict guidelines. Reston Association noted that any changes should go through Design Review Board just in case. Online Brookshire DRB Requirements guidelines:

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Light Fixtures

Windows and Patio Doors 


Entrance Ways







Should you want to vary your look and feel of your home, or expand on the historic selections available for paint or structural components, you will need to present your option in an application format to the cluster board for approval (or three signatures from cluster members).  Then you submit your completed proposal/request to the DRB through the following process. Once approved, your additions will be added to the cluster guidelines.