Feb 9, 2021 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) on Zoom


Welcome and Introductions

Landscaping Updates – Travis and Sara Sigler:

  • 2020 Review
  • Looking ahead to spring and fall cleanups for 2021
  • Committee Volunteers Welcome!

Social Committee Updates – Amanda McGill and Leann Yoder:

  • 2020 in review
  • Planned social activities for 2021
  • Committee Volunteers Welcome!

Finance – Charles Lincoln:

  • 2020 in review
  • New Cluster Dues Invoice System
  • Budget allocation for 2020

Secretary – Youssef Baker:

  • Spring Gutter Cleaning Sign-up
  • Mulch Orders 
  • Updates to Contact List/Map
  • Brookshire Newsletter Volunteers? 

New Website Update – Jessica Lawless:

  • New Brookshire Website is LIVE! Check it out…

Board Review

  • Nominations
  • New Members

Open Forum Session for All

Big Thank You’s

  • A BIG thank you to Travis and Sara Sigler for hosting and coordinating our fall Cluster Clean-up! We got so much done and your guidance and coordination were so appreciated – and the pictures too!  Also, a BIG thank you to the McCoys for lending their truck out for extra debris removal AND a BIG thank you for taking it to the transfer station!  
  • A SUPER BIG thank you to Ann Degan for all of her tireless work, passion, and magic touch in keeping our front garden healthy and abundant with color and blooms throughout the year! Thank you, thank you, Ann! 
  • A BIG thank you to Chris Centner for designing and sharing the Brookshire Cluster Contact List Map.  What an awesome idea and document!  Thank you, thank you!  The 5th updated version will be sent out in a separate email. 
  • A BIG thank you to Leann Yoder for hosting and coordinating our Halloween/Farewell to Deirdre parking lot party!  It was so much fun and such a great way to see folks, bid Deirdre farewell, and welcome Tuan and Bridget in a safe and festive way!  
  • Another BIG thank you to Amanda McGill for leading and coordinating our early summer parking lot happy hour AND the Secret Santa holiday activity for the Cluster! It was so much fun and such a great way to lift spirits and make the holidays a little extra special.  
  • A BIG thank you to Jessica Lawless for working with our website builder and shepherding the launch of the new Brookshire website. 
  • A BIG thank you to Youssef Baker for formally taking over his role as Secretary earlier than anticipated! 
  • A BIG thank you to Charles Lincoln for launching the new automated invoice system and payment system for the Brookshire quarterly dues.

Updates and Reminders

  • While every Board position is up for election, we are actively looking to fill these roles below.  Volunteers are welcome for all committees and positions.    
    • President
  • Attached to this email are the “roles and responsibilities” for each position.  
    If you are interested in any of the Board positions, please let us know as soon as possible and before our annual meeting.   
  • We are looking for volunteers to start a quarterly Cluster newsletter.  This will be a great place for formal announcements, pics, out and about updates, seasonal updates, stories, etc. Your contributions are appreciated!  
  • At the meeting, you will also have the opportunity to sign up for spring gutter cleaning and mulch delivery, and any social events (e.g., Halloween party/Holiday party/Yard sale/happy hours/book clubs, etc.) you might be interested in hosting.
  • Another big warm welcome to our newest residents, Tuan Pham and Bridget Schaefer! We’re so happy you are apart of the Cluster community and look forward to connecting more in 2021!  
  • A friendly reminder: Please be mindful of our limited number of parking spaces.  We have 26 units and 14 guest parking spaces.  Many of our homes have gone from single to multiple occupancy which means that at any given time up to 10 residents will find they have to park on Moorings. 
  • The Reston Farmers Market at Lake Anne will open April 24 and will run through to December 4.  Farmers Market hours are from 8:00 a.m. – Noon.
  • Please let us know if you think anyone’s email address is not captured on this mailing list.