February 15, 2023

Thank you so much for joining the Cluster Annual Meeting last week.  It was great to see you all in person and virtually.  
We covered a lot of ground and appreciate your kind and generous attention and thoughtful suggestions and feedback. 
Below are the highlights and immediate updates.  
Big Thanks!

  • A giant thank you to Amanda McGill and Leann Yoder for leading the social committee these last few years and keeping the Brookshire social connection alive! Thank you so much for all that you do, continue to do, and share with our community and those around you. 
  • More giant thanks to Sara and Travis Sigler for leading the landscaping committee and keeping a mindful eye on our cluster property and hosting our semi-annual cluster clean-ups!  Sara and Travis send a reminder that if you find your parking curb needs to be repainted, they have the supplies and you need only connect with them to get them anytime you like. Also, if you need any help at all with any projects, please don’t hesitate to reach out. There are plenty of folks who are happy to help. The next Cluster Clean-up will be on Earth Day, April 22, 2023.  More details to come! 
  • And as always, huge thanks to Ann Deegan, Tuan Pham, and all other anonymous garden helpers for their loving attention and continuous efforts in keeping our front garden beautiful and a source of joy for all.  
  • BIG thank you to Charles and Amanda Lincoln for hosting our first in-person annual meeting since 2020!
  • And last, but most certainly not least, so much gratitude and huge thanks to Youie Baker and Charles Lincoln for serving as Cluster Secretary and Treasurer. Your volunteer service during these past few years has been so appreciated!  You shepherded and helped keep the Cluster safe and viable during one of the most vulnerable times in our history. Thank you so much for all that you do and continue doing, and all that you shared with kindness and care.  We appreciate you!  

Board Roles and Updates

New Board President  – Congratulations to Mark Moody!!!  A big thanks to Mark for agreeing to run for president and accepting the position!  We’re delighted to have you at the helm and look forward to working with you.  This is not Mark’s first Brookshire President rodeo! This will be the second time he has served in this position and we are so lucky to have him.  Thank you, Mark! 

New Cluster Secretary – Congratulations to Charlotte Schmidt!!! A big thanks to Charlotte for agreeing to run for secretary and accepting the position! 

New Cluster Treasurer – Congratulations to Chris McCoy!!!  More big thanks to Chris for agreeing to run for treasurer and accepting the position! 
We’re so happy to have you both as a part of the Cluster Board and look forward to working with you. Thank you, thank you, Charlotte, and Chris! We appreciate you! 

New Social Committee Chair – Congratulations to Amanda Lincoln!!! Huge thanks to Amanda for agreeing to run for Social Committee Chair and accepting the position!  We’re so lucky to have you as part of our community and look forward to more social opportunities in the future!  

Dues Increase Update – Effective April 1, 2023
By unanimous decision, after more than five years, we are increasing our quarterly dues to $385.  This increase will go into effect as of April 1, 2023.  This increase will help to absorb some of the inflation we are seeing with our vendor pricing and provide a little more security for any unforeseen issues that may arise.  

Updated Brookshire Contact List
[Contact list redacted here for privacy] The updated Brookshire Cluster Contract List was distributed digitally to the cluster on February 20, 2023.  Additionally, the updated Cluster Map for 2023 was also distributed.  

Cluster Boundaries Map
In researching the cluster property and land responsibilities, we discovered a GIS Map of the Cluster. We will continue to investigate, but we thought sharing this bird’s eye view might be of interest.  

Screen capture of the Brookshire Cluster as it is shown in the Fairfax County GIS web portal. It shows a blue line around the entire cluster and 5 blue boxes to denote the homeowner parcel contained within.
Screen capture of the Brookshire Cluster as it is shown in the Fairfax County GIS web portal. Date of access: February 16, 2023.

Please stay tuned for more updates, social announcements, and details about our next Cluster Clean-up on April 22.  

Thank you so much, one and all!  It is such a pleasure being a part of our community.  We look forward to connecting again soon!