• Over 50% houses represented, quorum achieved.
  • Meeting started at 7:30PM


  • Long term renovation work to be researched, itemized and added to Cluster Finance: 
  • Over $5k reserve, main budget items cleared for year.
  •  No dues increase expected in 2002
  •  Long term renovation work to be researched, itemized and added to Cluster budget process from 2003 onwards.


  • April 20th (9am) selected for Spring cleanup. To-do list will be distributed so folks can choose chores before the event.  Pizza provided at noon.
  • Plant donations gratefully accepted for clean-up.
  • Any tools you can provide for the cleanup will be welcome – just be sure to tag them as yours beforehand.


  • June 8th selected as Cluster Picnic day. It will be blended this year with ‘Relay for Life’ event with American Cancer Society.   See details below.
  • August 3rd selected for next yard sale.  

General updates

  • Contracting: Please share good (and bad) contractor stories with Chris C  Identify any major work you plan to do with Chris, as you may be able to team up with another household to get better pricing.
  • Need a new fence?: Contact Leann Y or Watt H for community rates on new fences.
  • Parking issues:  Each house has one reserved spot and may avail of one (1) singular guest spot if it’s free.  Please do not abuse this policy.  There should be plenty of parking spaces for everyone.
  • Speed:  Reminder – the speed limit is 15 MPH through the cluster. Please be careful and slow down.
  • Dogs:  If you have one and walk it – please clean up any waste.

Relay for Life:  June 8th  

  • Brookshire Court will be one of the first (and few) clusters to have a relay team enjoying a day out with 2 million others who share the common cause of Relay for Life. If you are interested in taking part in the team event to fight cancer, contact Heather C to sign up.   Note: we will all be welcome to join our team for our cluster picnic and watch the Luminaria Ceremony later that evening.


Deirdre B (President)

John F (Landscaping)

Jackie G (Secretary)

Julie P (Social)

Leann Y (Treasurer)