Rules and Regulations


The following rules and regulations have been established and adopted by the Brookshire Cluster Association.  It is expected that all Brookshire Property owners, residents’ guests, renters and guests of renters will comply with these regulations. All Brookshire residents are directly responsible for the behaviors of their guests, and all non-resident owners are directly responsible for the behavior of their renters and guests of their renters.

Trash removal

  • Trash will be set out in the parking lot no sooner than the night before scheduled pick-up (currently Sunday night and Wednesday night).
  • Trash set out for pick-up must be in closed containers or in bags which are fastened shut.
  • Twigs and branches need to be bundled and tied. Carpet and larger items need to be cut down and bundled to easily-portable sizes.

     Note: for more information on Trash, please click here


  • Each townhouse unit is assigned one reserved parking space which is marked as such (Reserved). See guide for Reserved Parking and house number correlation.
  • No parking in the fire lane, or any areas marked with a Fire Lane sign and/or yellow paint as these are designated fire lanes. Individuals parking here are subject to a fine by Fairfax county officials.
  • Due to the limited number of available parking spaces, each unit is limited to keeping two cars on Brookshire Court. Any additional cars could be parked on Moorings Drive.
  • Residents are responsible for guests’ parking and must ensure that marked reserved spaces are left vacant for the use of the residents to which they are assigned.
  • Vehicles will not block sidewalk entrances serving more than their own dwelling.
  • Residents and their guests must drive slowly and carefully in the parking lot.  It is not unusual to encounter children, dog walkers and other pedestrians when entering or leaving the parking lot. Driving at excessive speed puts these individuals at risk. Please drive slowly and cautiously while in (or entering) the parking lot.  To avoid the undesirable alternative of installing a speed bump, the Board is seeking voluntary compliance with this request.


  • Fairfax country “leash laws” and other applicable animal control laws will be observed on Cluster Property at all times.
  • Clean up and remove any waste from pets.


  • Bicycles, tricycles, wagons, and toys will not be left on common sidewalks overnight and are not to be left in the parking lot at any time.
  • Children will not play in, on, or around vehicles in the parking lot.
  • Children will not damage cluster lawns and plantings by digging, mutilating, or riding wheeled vehicles or sleds on common lawn areas and planting beds.
  • Children will not play around, climb on, or tamper with telephone, electric or TV cable property located on Cluster grounds.
  • Children will not play on the brick retaining walls located on the west side of the Cluster.
  • Children will not be permitted to climb small or young trees which may be damaged as a result.


  • Outdoor noise should be restricted before 9:00am on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
  • All property improvement projects should be completed promptly so as not to detract from the cluster appearance.
  • Cluster common grounds are available for non-destructive recreational use of cluster residents and their guests. Recreation equipment set up on common grounds should be removed at the end of the activity, but in no case later than the next day.

Rules and regulations last reviewed and approved on March 21, 1988.