Siding Options for Brookshire Cluster:

Originally, by Reston’s records Brookshire Court was supposed to have aluminum siding on all houses. This was apparently part of the original architectural design and elevation.  As it happens, the sidings that were built were made of a thin wood composite or solid wood in certain areas.  With new options is siding, we have some flexibility to repair or replace our siding.  Three structural components that remain consistent for the neighborhood are:

  • White siding only
  • Horizontal strips.
  • The standard siding width is 8 inches exposed, 8.25 in product width.  With that in mind, we have a number of options available to use that are already in use and approved for other clusters in the Reston area:

Here are some options you can use for siding:

  1. Wood Siding: Hardie Panels _ 8” Pine siding to repair what we have:

Wood Siding

Material Type:

What You Need to Know:
Solid wood boards are milled in several styles, sizes, species, grades, and finishes. Shakes and shingles are sold as pieces or attached to plywood panels to ease installation.

Other Considerations:
Offers some insulation value. Cedar and redwood species are naturally decay-resistant. Wood is flammable; look for products factory-treated with flame retardant.

Redwood and cedar last 50+ years. Leave wood to weather naturally or renew stained or painted finishes every few years. Damaged boards are easy to repair and refinish.

Cedar boards or panels cost $1- $4 per square foot, uninstalled. Redwood costs about $5 per square foot, uninstalled.

Required for Brookshire:  8” horizontal white siding

  1. Engineered Wood:

Engineered Wood

Material Type:
Engineered Wood

What You Need to Know:
Plywood or hardboard made into lap panels or 4x8-foot sheets. Sold unfinished or factory-primed. Comes in smooth or embossed textures.

Other Considerations:
Low cost. Dimensionally stable. Cuts and handles like solid-wood siding but without imperfections to work around. Cut ends are vulnerable to water damage, so need to be sealed when installed.

Warranties of 20- to 30-years. Exposed cuts or edges can weather or decay. Will need repainting every five to 10 years, preferably with acrylic latex paint.

$1.50 - $3 per square foot, uninstalled.

  1. Aluminum Siding:

  1. Vinyl siding:  two options of vendors are available in 8” siding basic white:

Vinyl Siding

Material Type:

What You Need to Know:
Extruded from PVC into smooth and wood-grain textures. Quality panels are at least 0.044 inch thick. Some brands' insulated-foam backing adds impact-resistance.

Other Considerations:
It's inexpensive and won't rot or peel. Dark tones may fade. Not recommended for painting, so color options limited to manufacturer's offering.

Should last about 40 years. Maintenance generally low. Spray off annually with a garden hose. Remove mildew with a soft cloth and a household cleaner or a solution of 30 percent vinegar, 70 percent water.

$1- $6 per square foot, uninstalled.

  1. Fiber-Cement siding:  two options of vendors are available in 8” siding basic white:

Fiber-Cement Siding

Material Type:

What You Need to Know:
Made of portland cement, sand, wood fiber, water, and additives. Smooth or wood textures available. Some have protective urethane coating.

Other Considerations:
Fire-resistant and termite-proof. Won't rot or crack. Resists damage from hail and debris. Holds paint longer than wood siding.

Limited, transferable warranties up to 50 years. Paint jobs should last about 15 years.

$2 - $6 per square foot, uninstalled; $3 - $8 per square foot with trim, uninstalled.

Hardieplank – 8.25” Cedarmill x 144 inches long (white only)

Various textures -

  1. Metal:

Metal Siding

Material Type:

What You Need to Know:
Aluminum siding or steel siding comes smooth or embossed with wood grain. Some codes may require electrical grounding. Steel isn't suitable near saltwater or in heavily polluted areas.

Other Considerations:
Resists fire, rot, and insects. Wide range of factory-baked enamel colors. A poor insulator. Scratches on steel siding will rust. Aluminum siding can dent.

Lasts 40 years to life of building. Maintenance generally low. Check annually for scratches and dents. Needs occasional washing with a garden hose and soft-bristle brush.

$2 - $5 per square foot, installed.

Note: The look of all siding should remain the same – 8” deep or wide, and white.  Yes, there are a few houses with other size shingles previously approved by DRB.

Siding Type Vendor      Title & website             Description – Benefits



Hardie Southwoods Collection™ Pine Plywood Siding


Sanded, 8” x 5/8” thick



Special Rated Pine Siding 303-6 panel

With shiplapped edges for uniform installation. Parallel grooves are _" deep and 3/8" wide; 4" or 8" OC grooves are standard T1-11 is available in 19/32" and 5/8" thickness

With the natural beauty and impressive durability that only wood can offer, Georgia-Pacific Southwoods Collection™ pine plywood siding offers rich grain character, variety of surface treatments, groove patterns and finish treatment options.  Georgia-Pacific's premium 303-6 grade pine plywood siding is manufactured with fewer repairs to the face providing a better appearance than many other wood siding products.

Pine plywood siding has very distinctive grain characteristics and is available in either a Reverse Board and Batten or T-1-11 groove patterns and either a scratch-sanded or rough-sawn surface treatment. Panels are manufactured with shiplapped edges making installation quick, easy and uniform. Southwoods Collection™ pinewood siding offers a limited 25-year warranty.



Rot-proof, waterproof, fireproof, corrosion-resistant, impervious to termites and able to withstand years of exposure to the elements, these siding panels will last virtually indefinitely if simply left alone.


Single 8'' Smooth or Roughsawn – white only

WestBrooke Aluminum Siding is designed and manufactured to meet all types of home building and remodeling applications.  WestBrooke combines the classic look of handcrafted wood with the durability of [Reynolds] aluminum, featuring a stain-resistant finish in a variety of textures and styles.

8” wide – exposed, 12’6” long and .019” or .024” thick.

[Sold by Home depot]


Alcoa  Traditional Select ™ Aluminum Siding

       Traditional Select ™ aluminum siding offers the smooth, freshly painted look of New England clapboard siding, in a pristine white that personifies the traditional spirit of our historic past.

Use Traditional Select ™ anywhere you need the durability of the world finest alumimum siding coupled with the long life of Alcoa’s Alumalure 2000® finish.  In other words, it's perfect for virtually every application.

Traditional Select™ siding is available in an 8” profile with a nominal .024 thickness.




T-lok Barkwood vinyl siding offers superior thickness, advanced weatherability and 25% more impact resistance than standard panels.  The premium vinyl siding line also hangs straighter, offering rigidity and aesthetic appeal.   Alcoa Advanced Features:

GELOY Sun Protection
High-performance polymer with superior UV protection to enhance 
deep color fade resistance.

Color-Through Formula
Insures impact and scratchresistance and color all the way through.
Duranyl® Formulation
Enhances durability by making siding more resistant to impact, cracking and thermal distortion.
V.I.P. Warranty
ISP Comprehensive Performance Testing
To ensure strength, rigidity, wind resistance, and weatherability
Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval
Certified through a program sponsored by the Vinyl Siding Institute.

          Norandex      Sterling  - Horizontal 8'' (White Only)

Sterling® Vinyl Siding delivers the genuine appeal of a hand-sawn siding in a lightly embossed wood grain pattern. Our leading-edge technology gives you a premium panel that adds character and dimension, far surpassing the standard finish of other vinyl siding options.

Panel Thickness .044”, with 5/8” projection. 8”deep x12’6” long



Hardie HardiPlank lap siding – Smooth, Select Cedarmill options

Select Cedarmill

      Hardiplank siding offers an unsurpassed ability to stand up to the elements. It will not rot or warp. takes the heat without cracking or buckling and is recognized as non-combustible construction.
The top-quality materials and proprietary processes used in manufacturing Hardiplank siding ensure the most dimensionally stable siding available. So stable. in fact. that it comes with a 50-year limited. transferable product warranty.

Thickness: 5/16"

Weight: 2.3 Ibs./sq.tI.
Length: 12 tI. planks

Widths: 9-1/4" (8" exposure)  Smooth and Select Cedarmill
PrimePlus™ Primed